Books & Articles

Why Isn't Government Policy More Preventive?

30 January 2020 | Paul Cairney, Emily St.Denny

Book from CCC Fellows, Paul Cairney and Emily St Denny providing state of the art coverage of policy theories and studies and features major new data from interviews with policymakers and comprehensive analysis of policy documents, presenting the most extensive coverage of policy change in British and Scottish politics.

Reports & Briefings

Townscapes: Scotland

4 November 2019 | Michael Kenny

Professor Michael Kenny and Benjamin Goodair from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy attempt to bust myths about Scottish towns and their fortunes and focus on a better appreciation of the different circumstances and factors which affect those who live in them.

Reports & Briefings

Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom

13 November 2018 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Books & Articles

A Wealthier, Fairer Scotland: The Political Economy of Constitutional Change

28 August 2017 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Reports & Briefings

Barnett Squeezed? Options for a Funding Floor after Tax Devolution

14 December 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change