Reports & Briefings

Townscapes: Scotland

4 November 2019 | Michael Kenny

Professor Michael Kenny and Benjamin Goodair from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy attempt to bust myths about Scottish towns and their fortunes and focus on a better appreciation of the different circumstances and factors which affect those who live in them.

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and Renewables in Scotland

22 October 2019 | Nicola McEwen, Aileen McHarg, Paul Cairney

Reports & Briefings

Will a no deal Brexit lead to the break-up of the UK?

1 October 2019 | Michael Kenny, Jack Sheldon

Reports & Briefings

Being British

5 April 2019 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Books & Articles

Nationalism, Liberalism and Language in Catalonia and Flanders

7 March 2019 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Reports & Briefings

The Repatriation of Competences in Agriculture after Brexit

7 February 2019 | Michael Keating