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Catalonia Three Years After the Independence Referendum

Daniel Cetrà provides an update three years after the Catalonian Independence Referendum and asks what might Scottish Unionists and nationalists learn from the Catalan experience?
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Scotland as a Permanent Minority

As part of H-Nationalism's series "Minorities in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives" Michael Keating examines Scotland's postion as a minority nation within the Union. 
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How would an independent Scotland tackle climate change?

How would an independent Scotland tackle climate change? Antje Brown, University of St Andrews, has been searching for an answer.
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Scotland’s media, politics and the digital revolution

For his chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Professor Philip Schlesinger of the University of Glasgow looks at Scotland’s post-devolution media and the wider forces driving change in the communications ecology.

The State of Scotland

Neal Ascherson evaluates where Scotland stands arguing that Brexit has caused parliamentary and political turmoil, while further institutional development has been put on hold while independence continues to be debated.

Three varieties of Unionism

In his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Iain McLean explores Unionism in Scotland, going back to 1707 and the Act of Union to show how the themes present during these times influence comptemporary debates.

Centennial dilemmas: Marking one hundred years of Northern Ireland

Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, discusses the UK government's plans for the centenary of Northern Ireland arguing that Boris Johnson has raised the stakes of what was already likely to be a politically difficult commemoration.
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The Independence Question in 2020

In a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Coree Brown Swan of the Centre on Constitutional Change explores the question of Scottish independence, asking how independence in 2020 might vary from previous iterations.
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The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

On 20th August, The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics was published, edited by CCC Director Michael Keating. In this introduction to the handbook, Michael argues that Scottish politics no longer needs to be seen as exceptional to matter.