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Chancellor's Fellow in Social Policy
University of Edinburgh
Chancellor's Fellow in Social Policy


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What does the future hold for devolution in England? Our briefing with @ailsa_henderson @michaelkenny_… https://t.co/DVJ1rvH6QN

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RT @PopEdScotland: Excited to be welcoming @OliverEscobar to discuss 'Between upheaval & renewal: Can democratic innovations save democrati…

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RT @AdamStok97: https://t.co/noeBNcaod0 The latest episode of “What is my country?” I am really excited to be chatting to @Coree_Brown, Pos…

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RT @RWynJones: Hwn yn profi'n boblogaidd *dros ben* ond, wyddoch chi beth, mae na le ar gyfer mwy! Cofrestrwch trwy ddilyn y ddolen! This…

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Brexit Reflections

Brexit Reflections - d|part note on Brexit

Jan Eichhorn on behalf of the d|part team, discusses the long lasting implications of the #EURef outcome.

Votes for the SNP are not votes for independence

The results of the general election in Scotland were described by Ed Miliband as a "nationalist surge" however, explains Jan Eichhorn, voting for the SNP and supporting and supporting independence are two different things.

Young voters and the referendum – a legacy

Jan Eichhorn on engaging young people with politics: Trusting schools and enfranchising 16-year olds.

Favouring not one union, but two: New evidence from the under 18-year olds

Jan Eichhorn discusses while there has been a substantial increase in support for Yes (as the polls suggest there has been in the population as a whole), still a clear majority of under-18 year olds want Scotland to remain in the Union.

Young people's independence referendum intentions narrow

New findings on the voting intentions of under-18s in the independence referendum reveal a narrowing gap

Who will turn up and who will stay home? The potential impact of differences in turnout

Jan Eichhorn looks at the tightening of the referendum race during the first few months of 2014.