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Holding Scottish Parliament Elections During the Pandemic: What to Expect?

There has been much debate over whether the Scottish Parliament elections should be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Alistair Clark (Newcastle University) argues that, for the most part, elections throughout the world have continued during the pandemic and parties can continue to campaign. So, what can expect from this election?
Image of Keir Starmer

Devo-max or Deja-vu max?

Following Labour leader Keir Starmer’s speech on devolution, Graeme Roy and Stuart McIntyre of the Fraser of Allander Institute suggest that, without a massive u-turn in economic philosophy, the promised ‘radical reform to economic and political devolution’ is unlikely to produce proposals for meaningful change.
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Response to Keir Starmer's speech on devolution and Scottish independence referendum

Keir Starmer set out Labour's devolution plans ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May, promising to decentralise powers from Westminster and set up "a UK-wide Constitutional Commission to consider how power, wealth and opportunity can be devolved". Our Fellows had some comments on the speech.
Picture of Andy Burnam

Devolution or delegation? What the revolt of the metro mayors over lockdown tells us about English devolution

Will the row between Westminster and the metro mayors over Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns lead to reforms to create a decentralised administrative model in England? Michael Kenny and Tom Kelsey, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, discuss.
Image of the Flemish parliament

The Populism and Sub-State Nationalism Nexus in Flanders

Judith Sijsterman details how the Flemish sub-state approach has incorporated populist narratives and how this populist turn has led to the adoption of an identitarian approach.
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The Politics of Scotland's Public Finances

Taken from his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, David Heald, University of Glasgow, discusses the intergovernmental conflicts between the UK Government and devolved governments in the context of UK devolution finance.