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New Episode Constitutionally Sound - Governing England

12 December 2020 07:00

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The pandemic has not only exposed tensions between Westminster and the devolved nations of the United Kingdom, it has shone an unforgiving light on the way England is governed. It raises the questions - is the UK state over centralised and unresponsive to regional variations and public need? Has the pandemic made the case for devolution in England? Where is governance in England headed?

In this episode of Constitutionally Sound, our host, Allan Little is joined by Professor Michael Kenny, Inaugural Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at University of Cambridge. The two explore issues that, up until recently, were met with little enthusiasm by political leaders or the public. This includes the ambiguities relating to English devolution - is the devolving of powers within England really devolving or is it simply delegation? Allan and Michael also evaluate English identity; whether the pandemic has been a watershed moment for public support for English devolution, concluding with thoughts on English opinion on the Union and devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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