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Two essential skills of politicians are timing and counting. On each of the three votes on the EU Withdrawal Agreement the UK government has fallen short of expectations and further behind the game. The majority of 58 against on 29 March reflected the solidity of two small groups – six Conservative pro-Remain noes, led by Dominic Grieve, and five Labour pro-Leave yeses (up from two and three in the previous votes).
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An MP reading the first eighteen paragraphs of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox’s legal advice of Tuesday 12 March might have imagined that the conclusion would be similarly upbeat, emphasising how the three new documents tabled after Theresa May’s voice-losing dash to Strasbourg the previous day were of legal substance and taken together ensured that for all practical purposes the UK could not be trapped in an Irish backstop.
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New report reveals Brexit identities stronger than party identities

The UK is increasingly polarised by Brexit identities and they seem to have become stronger than party identities, a new academic report finds.
Only one in 16 people did not have a Brexit identity, while more than one in five said they had no party identity.
Sir John Curtice’s latest analysis of public opinion on a further referendum finds there has been no decisive shift in favour of another referendum.

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