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Former DExEU Permanet Secretary Philip Rycroft publishes thoughts on challenges of Brexit with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Cambridge
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Science Direct, June 2019
How to conceptualise energy law and policy for an interdisciplinary audience: the case of post-Brexit UK by Paul Cairney, Nicola McEwen, Aileen McHarg and Karen Turner. 
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The United Kingdom’s Evolving Constitution
Michael Keating
La Evolución de le los modelos territoriales: Reformulación versus ruptura.        
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Brexit and the Nations
Michael Keating
First published: 27 November 2018


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Xosé M. Núñez Seixas and Eric Storm eds., Regionalism and Modern Europe: Identity Construction and Movements from 1890 to the Present Day (London: Bloomsbury 2019) paperback, hardback and e-book.

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Over the last twenty years, the United Kingdom has undergone a programme of constitutional reform embedded in membership of the European Union (EU). Devolved legislatures and governments have been established in different forms in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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April 2018 - Journal of Common Market Studies

Authors: Daniel Cetrà and Robert Liñeira

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April 2018 - Comparative Political Economy series

The implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland are profound, given its history and geographical position as a land border with the European Union.

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September 2017 - Palgrave Macmillan

M. Keating, G. Laforest (Eds.) - Constitutional Politics and the Territorial Question in Canada and the United Kingdom

Federalism and Devolution Compared

Series: Comparative Territorial Politics

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