Richard Parry

University of Edinburgh
Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh


I joined Social Policy in 1983 after working as a civil servant and as a researcher at the University of Strathclyde. I am a political scientist and my work falls in the interconnected areas of public policy, public administration and public sector resource allocation, especially in Scotland and the UK. Earlier research projects included ones on public employment, central-local relations in Scotland, comparative European social policy and privatisation in social policy.

Posts by this author

Outside the Scottish Parliament building

SNP regime change follows major developments in devolution law

Richard Parry traces the dramatic consequences for the SNP after long-dormant provisions in the devolution settlement were activated
Labour: A New Britain Report

Gordon Brown’s long-run themes pose challenges for Labour

The report of Labour’s Commission for the UK’s Future relaunches themes on devolution and constitutional reform that its former Prime Minister tried to pursue in government. Richard Parry discusses how it might impact on Keir Starmer’s ultra-cautious pursuit of power
Supreme Court

Supreme Court doubles down on the UK referendum position

In rapid Court verdict on legislative competence, the justices assert that even referendums that do not directly change the law have political legitimacy. Richard Parry discusses the political implications and the balance of victory and defeat for both sides
Supreme Court

Truss and Sturgeon wait for the Supreme Court

After the Supreme Court oral hearings, Richard Parry assesses the submissions of both sides on an independence referendum and the way the case might be decided
Entrance to the UK Supreme Court

Supreme Court awards round one to the SNP

As the court rejects the UK Government attempt to avoid a judgment on the substantive issue, Richard Parry assesses the political prospects for both sides going into the full hearing of devolved competence of an independence referendum.
Arrow pointing right on a blue background

As political drama unfolds in London, Labour and SNP move ahead on constitutional policy

With the fall of Boris Johnson commanding attention, Richard Parry reviews important policy developments in the same week that set the stage for the next phase of constitutional change.