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A New Team at CCC!


Dr Karlo Basta and Dr Coree Brown Swan appointed as Co-Director and Deputy Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change.

Following the CCC’s founding Director, Professor Michael Keating, stepping down from the role, we are delighted announce the new Directorate. Dr Karlo Basta will join Professor Nicola McEwen in co-directing the Centre. Dr Coree Brown Swan, who has been involved with the Centre from its infancy, will now serve as Deputy Director.

Karlo joined the University of Edinburgh earlier this year, from Memorial University of Newfoundland. While at Memorial, Karlo held visiting positions at Pompeu Fabra University and the Institute for Self-Government Studies (Barcelona); Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism at EURAC (Bolzano, Italy); the University of Barcelona, and here at the Centre on Constitutional Change.

Karlo strengthens the comparative dimension of our research. His work focuses on the comparative politics of nationalism, secession, federalism, and the institutional design in multinational and multi-ethnic states. He is also co-convenor of the UACES research network (Re)Imagining Territorial Politics in Times of Crisis.

Speaking on his appointment, Karlo said:  “The Centre is such a dynamic and interdisciplinary place - a meeting point for so much diverse expertise by practitioners, scholars and journalists. Being in the midst of all of this is very exciting, especially in this moment of flux with Brexit, of the challenges of the pandemic, and with changes in public opinion in Scotland on the issue of independence.”

Coree Brown Swan has been a Researcher at the Centre since its foundation in 2013, and is currently working with Nicola McEwen on the project, A Family of Nations? Brexit, Devolution and the Union. Coree’s research interests include intergovernmental relations, nationalism and the party politics of constitutional change. Her research within the Between Two Unions project, led by Michel Keating, examined the Labour Party’s response to debates on the future of the Union. Coree convenes a course on Scottish Politics at the University of Edinburgh. She also co-convenes the Political Studies Association specialist group on Territorial Politics.

As Deputy Director, Coree will lead our public engagement and digital communications strategy, where she hopes to broaden the Centre’s reach into new audiences and continue to cement and sustain the Centre’s reputation for rigorous, impartial and trusted research on the constitutional challenges facing the United Kingdom and its constituent parts.

She said: “When we began, Scottish independence was very much our key focus. The Centre’s scope has expanded, and so have our ambitions. We have a programme that draws upon many different academic disciplines and aims to reach more and more people. We’ve become more innovative and resourceful, and we have really cemented ourselves as an impartial, credible voice in this field. I look forward to building on this legacy as Deputy Director.”

Professor Nicola McEwen, Professor of Territorial Politics at the University of Edinburgh, will remain Co-Director, working alongside Karlo and Coree. Nicola said: “I’m delighted to have Karlo and Coree join the Directorate. They bring enormous strengths, expertise and enthusiasm, and I look forward to working with them on an ambitious programme of activities during what looks set to be a very interesting time in constitutional politics”

You can hear Karlo and Coree talk about the new roles at the Centre on our YouTube channel.