The Irish Border

The Irish Border - What Do We Know and What Should We Do About...?

The CCC is proud to announce the publication of Professor Katy Hayward’s book “The Irish Border”

The subject of ‘the Irish border’ encapsulated profound differences in ‘reality’ as viewed by Remainers and Leavers, British and Europeans, Unionists and Nationalists.

It is only when the actual consequences of decisions made and actions taken begin to settle that we are able to take it all in. It is a good time to consider afresh the nature of the Irish border, in form and symbol.

Although Brexit is far from over (undoing a near-50-year relationship and establishing a new one is a long-term project, after all), the night has closed in on the UK’s membership of the EU. And Northern Ireland is left in a tenuous position, both outside and inside the European Union, and both inside and outside the UK’s internal market.

In effect, the Brexit process has transformed the borders all around this small and awkward region. A book of this nature – asking ‘What do we know and what should we do about the Irish border’ – is a timely opportunity to consider how we might yet act more wisely and philosophically in the era of the Irish border – and Ireland’s borders – to come.

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