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What has Covid-19 meant for devolution in Wales?

Does Johnson have an appetite to unpick devolution asks Dan Wincott as he evaluates communications, intergovernmental relations and devolution from a Welsh perspective during the current public health crisis.
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Unionism, Conservative thinking and Brexit

Has the Conservative Party abandoned its unionist heritage to focus on other goals? Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon, University of Cambridge, explore how the Union featured in the Conservative Party's elites during Theresa May's premiership, and argue that a more assertive and self-conscious type of unionism has displaced the more pragmatic unionism of previous decades.

Proposals for a UK internal market law: a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

CCC Co-Director, Nicola McEwen discusses the proposals set out in the UK Government's recent white paper on the Internal Market, and explains how these could have a profound impact on devolution in the UK.

Response: The Internal Market White Paper

CCC's Michael Keating responds to the release of the UK Government report on the internal market.

Scotland, UK and Covid-19: The Unknown Looms

Richard Parry provides an update on policy relating to coronavirus in Scotland and the UK, reviewing how Nicola Sturgeon is coming from a position of political and epidemiological strength.

Covid-19 Excess Deaths: a comparison between Scotland and England/Wales

There has been a steady flow of daily statisics for Covid-19 cases in the UK, however, these are most probably understatements of true numbers. John Houston, University of Stirling, provides an in-depth analysis of Covid-19 cases and 'excess' death rates to allow comparisons between Scotland, England and Wales.

How can relations between the UK's governments be made more effective?

After Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, how can intergovernmental relations in the UK be more effective? Nicola McEwen, Michael Kenny, Jack Sheldon and Coree Brown Swan discuss.

Brexit negotiations: the devolution dimension

Covid-19 has demonstrated that the each part of the UK is governed different, however, CCC Co-Director Nicola McEwen argues that Brexit negotiations provide a stark contrast as the priorities of the four territories have been overshadowed by the UK government's monopoly of the negotiation process.

Unrequited amity? Irish plans for enhanced British-Irish relations not reciprocated

Voting takes place later this week on 'Our Shared Future' Programme for Government - agreed between Ireland's Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party. Mary C Murphy, University College Cork, analyses what this might mean for the Northern Ireland peace process, Brexit and Ireland's relationship with the UK and its devolved nations.