The Centre on Constitutional Change conducts real-time research and analysis of contemporary constitutional issues. We regularly work with a wide range of organisations in the private, public and third sector to help them navigate the challenging constitutional landscape and prepare for constitutional change.

As the UK’s relationship with the EU enters a new era and the question of Scottish independence is once again on the political agenda, planning for even the short term can be a perilous affair. The Centre is the UK’s preeminent research hub analysing the political, economic, legal and social dimensions and implications of constitutional change.

The Centre can offer authoritative guidance on many aspects of constitutional change including the new Scottish devolution settlement and its consequences, the Brexit process, options and outcomes for the UK, the prospects for Brexit contagion elsewhere in Europe and the politics and economics of Scottish independence.

We are available for bespoke consultancy and briefings, by arrangement.

For further information on consultancy options, contact Ciarán Byrne by email.

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