Scotland's future prospects in Europe

The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) has today issued a major new report on "The Future of Europe: Disruption, Continuity and Change". CCC Director Prof. Michael Keating contributed a chapter on Scotland's future prospects in Europe.  He warns that whatever the future relationship with the EU turns out to be, Scotland would need to be clear on its own vision of Europe.   As Europe moves either to closer integration or to a more explicitly two-speed or multi-speed model, Scotland would have to decide where it fits.  All this has to be managed against the background of Brexit and Keating examines how current UK inter-governmental structures might evolve to meet that challenge.  Keating concludes that “so far, intergovernmental discussions have focused on the mechanics of intergovernmental institutions after Brexit or the details of policy competences. This is largely because of a lack of consensus on the big issues and broad principles. Yet, if these larger questions are not resolved during the Brexit process, they could seriously undermine an already fragile British union.”  
The full report including Professor Keating’s contribution can be read here




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