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Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow, and Nuffield Associate Member
Jim Gallagher is a Scottish civil servant, professor and company director. He was Whitehall’s most senior civil servant concerned with devolution until he retired in June 2010, as Director-General for Devolution in the Cabinet Office the No 10 Policy Unit and Ministry of Justice. He is now an academic heavily involved in the Scottish constitutional question, and a director in the commercial and charitable sectors.
In 2005, he was appointed Visiting Professor of Government at Glasgow University. He has also been a Visiting Professor in the Centre for Public and Corporate Ethics at Glasgow Caledonian University. With other academics he founded the Scottish Policy Innovation Forum. Since 2010 he has been a research fellow in Nuffield College, Oxford. He is author of England and the Union, How and Why to Answer the West Lothian Question (IPPR 2012), and of Scotland's Choices, the Referendum and What Happens Afterwards, with Iain McLean and Guy Lodge, (Edinburgh University Press, 2013, second edition 2014).


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