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Ahead of Canada's federal elections, André Lecours of the University of Ottawa assesses the prospects of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, in the face of electoral instability. The formation of the Justin Trudeau federal Liberal government in 2015 marked a sharp departure from the prec... Read more
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Dr Antje Brown of St Andrew’s University reflects on the Scottish Government’s climate change agenda at a time of climate emergency. She argues that like in 2009, the conditions are right for ambitious action on climate change.   2019 is an important year for Scotland’s climate change policy.  This... Read more
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In a guest blog, Canadian political scientist Jean-François Dupré argues that Hong Kong's rule of law myth cannot exist in the absence of democracy. The rule of law holds a very special place in Hong Kong’s identity and official branding. Hailed as a key core value of Hong Kong, the rule of law is... Read more
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Wilfried Swenden examines the 2019 Indian general elections and asks was it the demise of political federalism?    The 2019 Indian general elections took many by surprise. In spite of a lacklustre economic performance, the Bharatiya Janata Party increased its parliamentary majority. For the first... Read more
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In a guest blog, Welsh commentator Glyndwr Cennydd Jones calls for a UK Constitutional Convention to explore the nature of the Union and make it fit for purpose for the 21st century.   In April 2019 my essay These Isles was published in four parts on the website of the Institute of Welsh Affairs. Th... Read more
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Former DExEU Permanet Secretary Philip Rycroft publishes thoughts on challenges of Brexit with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Cambridge   The Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge has released the full transcript of a lecture by former lead Brexit chief Philip... Read more
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Professor Feargal Cochrane (University of Kent) outlines how Brexit itself has transformed in a way that is likely to jeopardise the future of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process more broadly.    Whether you are a Leaver or a Remainer, Brexi... Read more
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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has announced the appointment of the Centre on Constitutional Change's Co-Director Professor Nicola McEwen as one of nine new Senior Fellows for the UK in a Changing Europe (UKICE) project.   Under the guidance of the UKICE Director, the role of the se... Read more
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CCC is delighted to announce that Adam Price AM will visit for a free public seminar on Wednesday 26th June.  Adam Price is Leader of Plaid Cymru/ Party of Wales and Member of the National Assembly for Wales for for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr. He was previously Member of Parliament for the same con... Read more
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  Judith Sijstermans (University of Edinburgh) considers how Catalonia's new nationalist MEPs can make an impact in the European Parliament.   Catalonia’s sub-state nationalist parties have faced numerous tests since their 2017 Catalan independence referendum. Catalans have voted in a regional elec... Read more
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