Photo of the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament

Emily St. Denny explains the process of designing the Scottish Parliament and asks, has the Scottish Parliament lived up to the political and policy hopes associated with devolution?
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How would an independent Scotland tackle climate change?

How would an independent Scotland tackle climate change? Antje Brown, University of St Andrews, has been searching for an answer.
Scottish Parliament Chamber

Fluctuating Fortunes, but a Permanent Presence? Small Parties in Scotland

Alistair Clark, Newcastle University, discusses small parties in Scotland since devolution for his chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics arguing that smaller parties will be a permanent presence in Scottish politics even if their fortunes vary. 
Poster for UK and the Internal Market - implications for devolution and the union

Sign Up Now: Seminar on the UK Internal Market and Devolution

The UK Government’s Internal Market Bill sparked controversy when the Northern Ireland secretary, Brandon Lewis, conceded the government’s willingness to depart from international law in overriding aspects of the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement. Its implications for devolution are no less controversial. Join Mure Dickie of the Financial Times as he moderates a discussion between Nicola McEwen, Aileen McHarg, and Michael Keating.
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The Added-Value of the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme

Giada Laganà explores the effectiveness of the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme and the EU's role in managing and developing cross-border cooperation.

Under the spotlight: the civil service in the Scottish devolved system

Building on themes in his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Richard Parry discusses the unprecedented scrutiny now being faced by Scottish civil servants.