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Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change briefing, August 2014

Stephen Tierney and Katie Boyle

Executive Summary

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Ailsa Henderson, Liam Delaney, Robert Liñeira, Future of the UK and Scotland, August 2014
On 18 September Scottish residents will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum on independence.  There have been numerous surveys tracking voter attitudes to independence and the website What Scotland Thinks provides a useful resource on general trends.
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ScotCen Social Research briefing, August 2014

Women are less likely than men to say they will vote Yes to Scottish independence this September. This paper uses data from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey (SSA) to explore this ‘gender gap’. It looks at where the gap is greatest and what, if anything, might explain it.

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ScotCen Social Research briefing, August 2014

In a previous ScotCen briefing it was shown that a third of all respondents to the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2013 had not decided which way to vote in the referendum. This new briefing looks at who is still undecided, as measured by the 2014 survey.

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ScotCen Social Research briefing, August 2014

Scotland’s voters go to the polls on 18th September in order to choose whether to stay in the United Kingdom or to leave and become an independent country.

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Angus Armstrong and David McCarthy, NIESR, August 2014

The debate over which currency an independent Scotland might use appears to have reached an impasse.

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Future of the UK and Scotland, Professor Nicola McEwen, August 2014

Key points:

An integrated GB wholesale electricity market in the event of independence is likely.

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Stephen Tierney, ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change, July 2014

On 16 June the Scottish Government unveiled its Scottish Independence Bill in an address by Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister of Scotlan

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Stephen Tierney and Katie Boyle, ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change, August 2014
The framework for human rights protection contained in the Scottish Government’s recent  publication, the Scottish Independence Bill: A Consultation on an Interim Constitution for Scotland (see Boyle, Tierney and McHarg) is no
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The Future of the UK and Scotland / The Hunter Foundation / David Hume Institute

Should Scotland be an independent country? Choosing an answer to that question, as Scotland’s electors will on 18 September 2014, is a choice of huge significance. So how will we come to a decision? Many voters know more or less by instinct.

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