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14 February 2014, Centre for Population Change

Migration to and from Scotland could potentially be affected by the outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum on the constitutional future of the United Kingdom.

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14 February 2014, Centre for Population Change

This briefing paper examines Scottish employers’ and industry representatives’ views on current UK immigration policies, and situates these perspectives within the context of the constitutional change debate.

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10 February 2014, Migration Observatory

The first detailed analysis of Scottish public opinion about immigration shows that Scotland has significantly lower levels of concern about immigration than England and Wales, but also that Scots’ views on the subject are strongly associated with their voting intentions in the referendum.

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ESRC Centre for Population Change

The paper by Professor Allan Findlay and Helen Packwood looks at ‘Immigration to Scotland and the Constitutional Change Debate: Geography, difference and the question of scale’.

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29 January 2014, ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change

Briefing by Michael Keating on 29 January 2014 for Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee Inquiry into Scotland’s Economic Future Post-2014

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23 January 2014, L'idée fédérale

Dr Nicola McEwen provides an analysis of the Scottish Government's white paper on independence for the think tank L'idée fédérale.

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21 January 2014, ESRC Centre for Population Change

In a report for the ESRC Centre for Population Change Helen Packwood and Allan Findlay use the 2011 UK Census to explore the diverse immigration picture in the UK.

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21 January 2014, ESRC

David Comerford and David Eiser of the University of Stirling discuss these questions in the context of the debate around the Scottish independence referendum, in which inequality has played a prominent role, and ask whether independence, further devolution, or simply different policies under the

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Scottish Parliament Written Submission, 16 January 2014

In this written submission for the Scottish Parliament, Professor Michael Keating, Dr Nicola McEwen and Malcolm Harvey provide evidence about the role of small states in the European Union.

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National Institute of Economic and Social Research Discussion Paper, 10 December 2013

The aim and scope of this paper is to isolate the effects of population ageing in the context of potential Scottish independence. A dynamic multiregional Overlapping Generations Computable General Equilibrium (OLG-CGE) model is used to evaluate the two scenarios.

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