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Revised Research Briefing;  The Repatriation of Competences in Agriculture after Brexit


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Cambridge University Press, 2018_ International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP)

After three years of work, the International Panel on Social Progress has published a  three-volume report by on key challenges to society in the twentieth century.

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The United Kingdom’s Evolving Constitution
Michael Keating
La Evolución de le los modelos territoriales: Reformulación versus ruptura.        
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Brexit and the Nations
Michael Keating
First published: 27 November 2018


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Professor Nicola McEwen and Dr Alexandra Remond examine how, in the longer term, Brexit poses significant risks for the climate and energy ambitions of the devolved nations.

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Xosé M. Núñez Seixas and Eric Storm eds., Regionalism and Modern Europe: Identity Construction and Movements from 1890 to the Present Day (London: Bloomsbury 2019) paperback, hardback and e-book.

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CCC & Bennett Institute for Public Policy Report - November 2018

Experts from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge have called for far-reaching reforms to the UK’s system of intergovernmental relations (IGR).

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Research briefing: November 2018

This paper addresses Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) in the context of Brexit. Its particular point of focus is the repatriation of competences and the powers of the devolved administrations.

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15 August 2018

A sbumission from Prof. Michael Keating to the Common Frameworks inquiry.

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