12th May 2015
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Social media is an increasingly dominant force in election campaigns. Mark Shephard talks to Craig McAngus about which parties had a successful election in terms of social media engagement. 
5th May 2015
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Just two days ahead of the General Election, CommonSpace will team up with Independence Live to broadcast a series of panel sessions tackling some of the key questions facing Scotland regardless of the election outcome. 5th of May 2015 --- Session1 - 12pm How can Scotland revamp Britain's relationship with the rest of the world? Confirmed panellists: Co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign Jonathon Shafi: and Scottish CND veteran Isobel Lindsay
29th April 2015
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Angus Armstrong, Charlie Jeffery and Nicola McEwen give evidence at the Finance Committee at the Scottish Parliament on 29 April 2015.
29th April 2015
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With the General Election fast approaching, the SNP continue to hold a huge lead over Labour in the Scottish opinion polls. Craig McAngus asks Peter Lynch and Eric Shaw, both of the University of Stirling, why is this and what may it mean for the future constitution of the UK?
29th April 2015
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A multinational election? Richard Wyn Jones from the Centre on Constitutional Change and Wales Governance Centre talks to Nick Bibby about the battles across four territories of the UK.
22nd April 2015
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Mike Kenny, Queen Mary University of London and Arianna Giovannini, University of Huddersfield talk to Craig McAngus about English identity.
20th April 2015
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There's a lot of talk about constitutional change in Scotland, but what's happening in Wales? Roger Scully of the Wales Governance Centre talks to Craig McAngus about attitudes towards constitutional change in Wales.
17th April 2015
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17 April 2015 Channel 5 News was live from Falkirk today as the General Election chat has moved north of the border with the surge of the Scottish National Party in polls when compared to last time around.


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