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8th December 2016
post by Kirsty Hughes

Wednesday’s vote is likely to be remembered as the day when 84% of MPs at Westminster voted to set the UK on a rapid path to Brexit, says Kirsty Hughes, with the Tory government of the day supported by the main Labour opposition.

8th December 2016
post by Centre on Const...

The House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has published its report into intergovernmental relations in the UK. The report, which draws heavily on evidence provided by CCC fellows, argues that the under-developed nature of inter-institutional relations has been brought into sharp focus by the result of the EU referendum.

6th December 2016
post by Richard Parry

Richard Parry discusses some of the tactical considerations now being faced by the Scottish Government as they attempt to navigate the Brexit process while promoting their long-term constitutional objectives.

6th December 2016
post by Alan Page

Alan Page, University of Dundee, discusses how the Miller case, currently before the UK Supreme Court, has been called one of the most important constitutional cases for decades.

1st December 2016
post by Nicola McEwen

Theresa May has repeatedly declared her commitment to involving the devolved governments in the Brexit process. In this post, Nicola McEwen discusses the likely dynamics of Brexit negotiations between the UK’s four governments. She argues that if the intergovernmental process fails to give a meaningful voice to the devolved governments this could have serious and long-lasting repercussions for territorial politics across the UK.

28th November 2016
post by Centre on Const...

Daniel Gover and Michael Kenny of the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London assess English votes for English laws a year after its introduction.

23rd November 2016
post by Coree Brown Swan

In a special series, we’ll be gathering together a team of experts from the Centre on Constitutional Change and beyond to answer your questions about Article 50, the High Court ruling, and what happens next.

7th November 2016
post by Tobias Lock

Following the High Court’s ruling on whether the UK Parliament should be involved in the activation of the Article 50 process to leave the EU, Tobias Lock analyses the judgement.


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