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3rd October 2016
post by Kirsty Hughes

Theresa May has called the Scottish Government's bluff over any suggestion that Scotland and rUK will have different relationships with the EU, says Kirsty Hughes. It's now up to the Scottish Government and Parliament to decide how to react.

27th September 2016
post by Alan Page

Alan Page, University of Dundee, expands on his presentation from last Tuesday's Scotland and Brexit event. He explains that the implications of EU withdrawal for the devolution settlement are far-reaching - quite apart from the question of a second independence referendum.

27th September 2016
post by Centre on Const...

For your information the recording of presentations is now on our website and YouTube Channel. There's also a great recap of the event on Storify.

13th September 2016
Guest post by Centre on Const...

Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney discuss the House of Lords Constitution Committee report detailing the process by which the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union.

12th September 2016
post by Daniel Cetrà

Daniel Cetrà discusses yesterday's gathering in Catalonia. He explains that the Catalan pro-independence camp remains highly mobilised and that the Catalan and Spanish political situations are complex and interconnected.

8th September 2016
post by Michael Keating

If Westminster were to assert the view that Brexit falls under foreign affairs and is therefore a reserved matter, the devolved territories would have little legal recourse but, says Michael Keating, doing would re-open the whole question of the nature of the union.

7th September 2016
post by John Curtice

Despite four decades of membership, the UK never fully took the European Union to its heart. June’s Brexit vote revealed a social division that reflected very different views about the costs and benefits of the EU, writes John Curtice.

6th September 2016
post by Brad MacKay

Brad MacKay stresses that being quick off the mark, and playing a long game are crucial for UK universities to maintain their world-leading status.


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