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30th August 2016
post by Laura Cram

Just as with the other existing models – Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Greenland - the new British relationship with the EU will have to be purpose built. If Scotland is to maximise its advantage in that process, says Laura Cram, it will need to be out of the blocks before the Article 50 starting pistol is fired.

23rd August 2016
Guest post by John Curtice

John Curtice discusses the post-referendum period and how to handle the immediate consequences of the Brexit decision.

14th August 2016
Guest post by Christina Boswell

The other government of the European Union as well as the European Commission have presented the free movement of labour as a non-negotiable aspect of access to the single market for a post-Brexit UK. However, explains Prof Christina Boswell, what that means in practice may be a little more negotiable than it appears at first sight.

8th August 2016
post by Malcolm Harvey

The cards are still being dealt in the diplomatic poker game that is the Brexit negotiations but, asks Malcolm Harvey, how strong is the SNP's hand?

2nd August 2016
Guest post by Centre on Const...

Ana Bobić and Josephine van Zeben, University of Oxford, look at the uncertainties surrounding future relationships between the UK and the EU.

1st August 2016
post by Centre on Const...

In a piece originally published in the New European, Roger Scully and Richard Wyn Jones analyse the Welsh vote for Brexit and reflect on the implications for Welsh politics going forward.

28th July 2016
post by Centre on Const...

The Brexit vote has been called a victory against big business. But Kenneth Amaeshi says it was a missed opportunity to grasp responsible capitalism.

27th July 2016
Guest post by Mary C. Murphy

Mary C. Murphy, University College Cork, urges caution in linking Northern Ireland support for remaining in the EU with growing support for a united Ireland.


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