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21st February 2017
post by Centre on Const...

In the event of independence, how might Scotland pursue EU membership? Kirsty Hughes and Tobias Lock explore the principal options.

9th February 2017
post by Michael Kenny

Much has been made of the politics of Scotland voting differently from England in the EU referendum. But what about the English end of that equation? Prof Michael Kenny considers the mood south of the border.

25th January 2017
post by Stephen Tierney

The Supreme Court's decision to exclude Holyrood from the decision to trigger Brexit only confirmed what we already knew, says Stephen Tierney - that conventions are not laws. However, the proposed Great Repeal Bill is an entirely different matter.

25th January 2017
post by Michael Keating

Michaell Keating discusses how we are still a long way from federalism but closer to a constitutional clash as further Brexit legislation looms.

24th January 2017
post by Richard Parry

Although the UK Government lost its appeal at the Supreme Court, it may find some room for consolation in the view of one of the three dissenting justices, says Richard Parry.

19th January 2017
post by Kirsty Hughes

Amid talk of a UK-EU trade deal, many seem to have forgotten that the divorce talks need to happen first. As Kirsty Hughes explains that both processes are unlikely to run as smoothly as some might like to believe.

19th January 2017
post by Richard Parry

Richard Parry considers the nature of the Brexit vision outlined by Theresa May on 17 January 2017 and the implications for Scotland.

15th January 2017
post by Kirsty Hughes

The Scottish Government's plan for a continuing trade relationship with the EU overlooks an important issue, says Kirsty Hughes. Were Scotland to join EFTA as the proposal suggests, it could not also be a member of the EU Customs Union.


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