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16th November 2018
post by Michael Keating

What has been presented as an endgame is really just the beginning of the process and what is being described as the 'transition' or 'implementation' period, says Michael Keating, is really the time in which the real negotiation of what Brexit means will take place.

15th November 2018
post by Richard Parry

With the politics of the process changing almost by the minute, Richard Parry assesses the ‘stable text’ of the Brexit agreement.

15th November 2018
post by Jonathan Evershed

As the DUP position shifts and Threatens Theresa May's working majority, Jonathan Evershed assesses the scope and limits of Unionist resistance to the Brexit backstop.

15th November 2018
post by Michael Kenny

Professor Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon discuss a new report from the Centre on Constitutional Change and the Bennett Institute offering a comprehensive analysis of the weaknesses that bedevil the machinery for relations between the UK government and the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Over the coming weeks, we will highlight some of the findings and recommendations.

13th November 2018
post by Centre on Const...

Experts from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge have called for far-reaching reforms to the UK’s system of intergovernmental relations (IGR). The report, Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom, provides the framework for a new system of intergovernmental machinery built around principles of respect, transparency and accountability.

13th November 2018
post by Centre on Const...

The Centre on Constitutional Change, along with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, has issued a report on the state of intergovernmental relations in the UK. We will be issuing blogs and other resources relating to this report over the coming weeks but this post outlines our key recommendations.

6th November 2018
post by Centre on Const...

One of the less anticipated features of Brexit has been the nature of the disputes between the UK Government and the governments of Scotland and Wales. In this guest blog, Mark Sandford and Cathy Gormley-Heenan from the Parliament and Constitution Centre of the House of Commons Library, discuss devolution, and how Brexit has impacted intergovernmental relations between the devolved governments.

5th November 2018
post by Stephen Tierney

One of the areas of devolved competence that may be affected significantly by Brexit is Justice and Home Affairs (JHA). In this blog post, Professor Stephen Tierney explores the repatriation of JHA competences and the implications for devolution. This coincides with the publication of a new research briefing by Tierney and Remond, produced as part of a UK in a Changing Europe project.


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