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2nd November 2016
post by Michael Keating

A report by the Political Studies Association (PSA), investigates various elements of how Brexit will actually be delivered. In this brief blog, Michael Keating summarises how the governments of the devolved nations could be involved.

1st November 2016
post by Malcolm Harvey

The Scottish Parliament's Presiding Officer has suggested that Holyrood's committee system is in need of review. Malcolm Harvey considers the options.

31st October 2016
post by Laura Cram

Laura Cram discusses how retaining membership of the single market and free movement are at the top of the Scottish Government’s Brexit wish list.

29th October 2016
post by Peter Bursens

The recent eleventh-hour collapse of a trade deal between Canada and the EU followed a veto in the Parliament of Wallonia. Prof Peter Bursens of Universiteit Antwerpen explains that constitutional, ideological, strategic and even personal factors nearly scuppered the deal.

26th October 2016
post by Richard Rose

The objective of the Brexiteers - regaining the sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament - is seen as an obstacle by the Scottish Government to their goal of securing Scottish sovereignty. In the process of unpicking that network of sovereignty, says Prof Richard Rose, timing will be critical.

25th October 2016
post by Peter Lynch

The EU referendum result has fundamentally reshaped the Scottish independence debate, and the new draft referendum bill is a both political and practical step by the Scottish Government, writes Peter Lynch.

20th October 2016
post by Coree Brown Swan

In the first of an occasional series, Coree Brown Swan takes a look at the blogs and highlights some of what our fellows and friends have been doing.

20th October 2016
post by Kirsty Hughes

What are the points of contention in establishing different relationships for Scotland and rUK with the EU? IN this extended article, Dr Kirsty Hughes works her way through the details.


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