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27th November 2013
post by David Comerford

Many of the questions, both actually asked in the White Paper launch press conference, and hypothetically asked in the Q&A in Part 5 of the White Paper, drew a comparison between the assessment of Scotland’s economy from the Scottish Government and the assessment from the Institute for Fiscal Studies in its fiscal projection report.

26th November 2013
post by David Bell

A weighty document, but there is still some way to go before all of the issues are resolved.

26th November 2013
post by Angus Armstrong

The White Paper restates the Fiscal Commission Working Group’s position that Scotland should enter into a Sterling union with the rest of the UK.

26th November 2013
post by Stephen Tierney

According to the White Paper an independent Scotland would seek to join the European Union, with negotiations ideally concluding by Independence Day 24 March 2016, resulting in a seamless transition from membership as part of the UK to membership as an independent state.

26th November 2013
post by Charlie Jeffery

So the White Paper is now out. What are the first impressions of Scotland's Future on an initial skim?

26th November 2013
post by Colin Fleming

The White Paper sets out a comprehensive defence blueprint in the event of Independence

26th November 2013
post by Andrew Neal

The security and intelligence plans in the white paper build on Scotland’s strengths in policing and resilience by proposing a single integrated security service


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