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19th January 2017
post by Kirsty Hughes

Amid talk of a UK-EU trade deal, many seem to have forgotten that the divorce talks need to happen first. As Kirsty Hughes explains that both processes are unlikely to run as smoothly as some might like to believe.

19th January 2017
post by Richard Parry

Richard Parry considers the nature of the Brexit vision outlined by Theresa May on 17 January 2017 and the implications for Scotland.

15th January 2017
post by Kirsty Hughes

The Scottish Government's plan for a continuing trade relationship with the EU overlooks an important issue, says Kirsty Hughes. Were Scotland to join EFTA as the proposal suggests, it could not also be a member of the EU Customs Union.

22nd December 2016
post by Charlie Jeffery

What the Scottish Government has proposed in its proposals for a differentiated Brexit settlement may evoke howls of protest from Downing Street but is actually fairly mainstream opinion.

21st December 2016
post by Michael Keating

In 2014 Scots voted to remain in the United Kingdom by 55 per cent. This year they voted 62 per cent to remain in the European Union. With the UK now heading for Brexit, they cannot have both. Michael Keating discusses what happens next.

20th December 2016
post by Kirsty Hughes

Nicola Sturgeon’s paper ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’ sets out some fairly clear tests for what she calls a compromise on Brexit – while maintaining that her preferred option is Scotland as an independent state inside the EU.

14th December 2016
post by Centre on Const...

The UK Government and the Welsh Government are currently discussing the future of a ‘funding floor’ for Wales, designed to protect the relative level of government spending per head in Wales.

13th December 2016
post by Richard Parry

Richard Parry discusses some of the issues around changing parts of the UK constitution that might have been regarded as ‘permanent’, especially where a ‘supermajority’ of elected members has become in some cases a legislative requirement.


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