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Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
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Coree Brown is a PhD student in politics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on how substate nationalist parties, namely Scotland's SNP and Flander's Nieuwe-Vlaams Alliantie understand independence in a changing world.

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Research Fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change


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Recent political developments have focused attention on the ‘English Question’. In response to the 2014 Scottish referendum result, the UK government initiated a procedural reform in the House of Commons known as ‘English Votes for English Laws’ (EVEL), which was formally adopted in October 2015. Th... Read more
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In a special series, we’ll be gathering together a team of experts from the Centre on Constitutional Change and beyond to answer your questions about Article 50, the High Court ruling, and what happens next. The Supreme Court will begin hearing the Article 50 (Miller and Others) case on Monday, 5 De... Read more
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On our blog, fellows and friends of the centre reflect on ongoing Brexit debates, implications for party politics, and the prospect of Indyref2. Michael Keating addresses the question of whether Scotland and Northern Ireland can remain within the single market and within the UK union, concluding tha... Read more
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I’m often asked to speak to groups of visiting international students about Scotland’s referendum process – providing them with a primer on the Scottish political system, how the referendum came about, and how we, as academics, understand and explain these results. Once they get over their disappoin... Read more
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Coree Brown, rounds-up The Smith Commission responses from our experts. Last Thursday, the Smith Commission report was released. Our experts responded to the proposals made in the 28 page report. Michael Keating described the report as ‘not, by any definition, devo-max nor what Gordon Brown describe... Read more
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John Curtice from What Scotland Thinks on who voted yes and who voted no. One of the common features of political polling is that while a plethora appear in advance of an election or a referendum, nobody bothers to conduct a poll afterwards. For newspapers, the most common commissioners, polls are o... Read more
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Over the past year, we've showcased expert perspectives on the campaigns, the key issues, and the public debate. Researchers from the Future of the UK and Scotland programme gave hundreds of interviews to news outlets during the week of the referendum. Although final figures are still being calculat... Read more
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First Minister Alex Salmond spoke today from Bute House, signalling his intention to resign following the SNP conference in November. In a statement covered on BBC Scotland, he said: But today the point is this. The real guardians of progress are not the politicians at Westminster, or even at Holyro... Read more
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The McKay Commission: Report of the Commission on the Consequences of Devolution for the House of Commons March 2013   The Commission was established in February 2012 and was asked to consider: how the House of Commons might deal with legislation which affects only part of the United Kingdom, follow... Read more
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Our ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland team have been providing insight for BBC Radio 4, 5 Live and BBC Radio Scotland in the early hours of the morning.Professor Nicola McEwen, associate director of the ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change (ESRC SCCC), has pointed to the ‘extraordinary lev... Read more
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