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PhD Candidate in Politics
University of Edinburgh
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Anthony Salamone is PhD Candidate in British and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the politics of the UK's EU membership. He is Co-Convenor of the Edinburgh Europa Research Group and Managing Editor of European Futures, the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Europa Institute blog on Europe and European affairs. He also writes on UK-EU affairs on his blog, Britain's Europe.


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he outcome of a hung parliament from the UK’s 2017 general election could have a significant impact on the shape of Brexit, writes Anthony Salamone. He sets out the main implications of the election result for Brexit, underlining the fast-changing nature of circumstances and the uncertainty of what... Read more
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The election of a Conservative majority government paves the way for a referendum on Britain’s future in the European Union. Anthony Salamone outlines some of the challenges ahead for the upcoming renegotiation and referendum. This post orignially appeared on LSE British Politics and Policy. In a su... Read more
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  • 25th April 2018

    Mary C. Murphy offers a detailed and in-depth analysis of Northern Ireland’s relationship with the EU, the role the EU has played in rebuilding the region after the Troubles, and the challenges and opportunities that Brexit might offer Northern Ireland in terms of its fragile politics and economy.

  • 25th April 2018

    The path being pursued by the DUP in Brexit, says Jonathan Evershed, is not so far from the mainstream of Unionist opinion.

  • 24th April 2018

    Antonia Ruiz, CCC visitor, looks at the rise of the populist radical right in Europe. She stresses that it's a topic that worries citizens, journalists, political elites and scholars alike.

  • 24th April 2018

    The promise of ‘change’ was key for the Austrian Christian democrats’ landslide victory in last year’s general elections. Recent sub-state elections, however, have perpetuated the influence of incumbent governors – and their power to veto reforms of Austria’s federal system. In light of current electoral dynamics, Patrick Utz analyses the (limited) potential for federal reforms in Austria.

  • 17th April 2018

    Richard Parry discusses the interacting policies on devolution and Brexit in the current impasse between UK and devolved governments.

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